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Hi from London (UK)


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Hi all.
Got my 64GB Surface on Thursday (8 Nov), but the MS online store here in the UK was sold out, so got it from ebay. Came brand new and sealed, so happy with circumventing stock limitations. There's no physical MS stores in the UK, so I couldnt see the surface before I bought, but happy to say that I'm very happy with its design. Not sure I'd have bought the touch cover, but there wasnt an option for the type cover. I think I'll swap to the type cover soon (these covers are ridiculously expensive mind!).

Never had a tablet before, and not even sure i really "need" this one, but then I rarely "need" my impulse techy buys :D

Spent loads of time working out how to get it set up as i want, and this forum has helped me along the way. Hopefully I will continue to get usefull advice, and provide my own experiences along the way.