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Hi from Devizes, Wiltshire, UK

Chris Grew

Hi All,

Found your site after searching to see if there was such a thing! What did we do before Google/Insert your favourite browser!!

Decided to buy a Surface Pro as a replacement for yet another laptop that lasted not much more than a year before slowing to a grinding halt.

In the end I went for the top spec

512 GB

Bought the bluetooth Wedge keyboard and mouse along with the Type Cover keyboard.

Don't like the mouse as the scroll is jerky. However, I notice that I have been sold the 'normal' one, not the Surface Pro 3 version. The sales literature only shows up to the SP2. Will this make any difference?

After a few days I tried to install Business Contact Manager - BCM - for Outlook and kept having serious problems to do with the SQL Server. Contacted Microsoft support and India where on the phone - they called me - from 12:30 - 21:30! Turned out there was a problem with the Windows 8.1 original install and they had to re install it remotely.

BCM now installed and I have imported 15,000 contacts, it runs superbly.

I had the overheating problem and found this great site/tutorial:


Worked a treat and CPU usage is down to a more reasonable 10 - 20% or lower most of the time.

So far loving this experience and pleased I have somewhere to come for help.

Best regards

Chris Grew

Chris Grew

Thanks for the welcomes.

I have been using Maximizer a CRM database tool since it was a dos programme.

The 15,000 contacts are in my business. In my short trials so far, I thoroughly recommend BCM. I also currently use Evernote as a day to day note taking tool.

Moved to Evernote from OneNote a couple of years ago when I wanted to access my information from various devices including android and Mac. At that time OneNote couldn't do it. Became an Evernote Evangelist before they axed them recently and specialised in the Business version, which is very good. The Evangelist title, just meant I helped others when and if I could on the forum.

Best regards



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Hi Chris and welcome over to this forum I wondered if you would make it here... you may not recognise my name on this forum.... but suffice to say I've just chatted to you on FB about the surface. I was lucky I've not had any overheating problems with my i7 but I'll check out your link in the first post anyway as it could be useful.