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Hello from Hertfordshire, UK

Hi everyone,

Just got my surface pro 2 (512GB) last week as a replacement for a laptop I had stollen on holiday a few weeks back. Not had the chance to play with it much as my girlfriend doesnt know I have it. She wanted me to wait until we got a responce from our insurance before I made any purchases and I wont hear the end of it if she knew how much I spent on this...

Incidentally, I got this second hand on ebay for £850. This sounds alot at first but I aslo got the docking station, an additional official charger, the type 2 and touch 2 covers, a car charger, an axiotron stylus and a wacom bamboo feel touch stylus with it.

Pretty pleased so far but havent had a lot of time to play yet as I said before. I intend on installing Office 2013 on it over the weekend and will purchase Clip Studio Paint some time soon as I got this machine to draw with and have heard nothing but good things about that programme. I am hoping I can find some details about my lightroom install on my old stolen machine so that I can install that again with out having to purchase it once more.

Then it will be time to start installing a few games from my vast Steam collection... Good times.

Been looking at accesories to add to what I already have and I think the following items are on my wish list.

as one port isnt enough

as some things you just need a good mouse for and the bluetooth options dont seem to get good reviews

so I can connect to my tv

Also considering

While the microsoft pen is good, i think my other pens are better and this also allows me to attach them while charging at the same time. It might impact my ability to use the dock though.

Anyway, I'm going to continue to research windows 8.1 and this machine to find time tips and tweaks and no doubt i'll be back somewhere else on the forum to contribute where I can.



Hope there is no issues with it. The first laptop I got off of ebay as a replacement was faulty and im in the process of getting a refund. It was a 5 year old machine so wasnt alot of money but the fact it didnt work as described was very disapointing. Its been a frustrating month!