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Hi !! looking for some advice


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Hey guys, I'm new here...

I'm thinking about getting my hands on a Surface Pro 3 (i5, 128 GB, 4GB) because I'll mainly use it for office, browsing, facebook, twitter, youtube, netflix. My idea is to replace my laptop. I dont want it for gaming, maybe some PSX emulation.

I read on this forum people having problems with Wi-Fi, overheating and battery. Sometimes the solution is replacing the SP3 for a new one. The thing is that I'm from Chile and I pretend to get the SP3 on a trip yo New York. We don't have any MS Stores here, so if there is a problem with my unit I'll be unable to change it. So that scares me a lot.

Any advices?

Great site by the way.


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Of course in the end, you can only do what you are led to do.

In the case of the WiFi issues, Microsoft will certainly resolve that (hopefully sooner rather than later) with a driver or firmware update. So even if the unit that you get DOES have some issues along those lines, they will surely be worked out.

Overheating problems are most definitely a hardware issue, and those units should be replaced. There is a difference of course between "running warm" and overheating.

With you saying that you are in Chile, and unable to take any action if you DO have a hardware issue, is indeed a consideration. Normally I'd say get yourself a SP3! But only you can decide that in this case. Outside of true physical problems with random units, I feel confident that the issues that are plaguing *most* users, will be resolved with software updates.

Hope it helps!


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Thanks a lot,

I was also thinking that I could get it at the first day and use it for a week before heading back to Chile. See what happens