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Hi and thanks for letting me join the forums. My name is Jim, I have been into computers since they were operated by 5.25 floppy disks. Anyone remember this?? LOL. Anyway...I just received a refurbished Surface RT for Christmas and I have some questions. My last tablet was an ASUS TFT100 android tablet. I had some apps on there but cannot find them in the Microsoft store. I am running 8.1 on my desktop and laptop so I am familiar with all the windows operations. I also am going to have some questions about how to do things with out the function keys (or if they are there how do I get to them. I did also get the touch type cover.
Anyway, thanks for letting me join.
Welcome to the forum,

The ASUS TF100 is a Windows 8 tablet not Android. Maybe you had a TT101?
Yea...you got me...guess my typing skills are not so worthy anymore...smile..it was the ASUS Eeepad...after looking at the box again.