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Introducing Plantje


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I am Plantje. Also known as Rudi Hendrix. I live in the Netherlands and I am currently 37 years old. Got a girlfriend and two lovely children. That should be sufficient on the personal area :)

I bought a Surface 3 LTE with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage a few weeks ago. It is a refurbished model, but it really is as good as new! I was kind of disappointed to notice that a little pressure on the edges (especially during starting up) is visible on the screen. However when you are using the tablet it is hard to notice it. And next to that all the models that I tested in the store (even SP3 and SP4 Surfaces!) have it as well.

Since it is refurbished the reseller offered me 1 year of warranty through their own service department. No, I could definitely not just contact Microsoft! And I noticed that when I wanted to register the tablet. It was some sort of business device and I was unable to register it to a personal account. I gave Microsoft a call (it was worth a shot!) and they were able to register it to my personal account and now I have Microsoft warranty until 2-12-2017 (I'm Dutch, so that means the second of December, not the 12th of February ;) ! Without the need for a receipt! Thumbs up Microsoft!

I am currently typing this on a black type cover that I had to purchase separately, because otherwise I would have a German keyboard lay out. Which is basically the same....only they have switched places of the "Y" and the "Z" keys! At first some keys didn't immediately work, but it looks like it had to get used to the tablet or something.
Next to that today I attached a Microsoft screen protector. What a pain was that! I should have put the tablet on a damp cloth in order to prevent dust from flying around. Anyway...it looks nice and I am happy it is glossy and not matte!
I still want to buy a Surface pen (it was one of the main reasons for buying this tablet). I am still in doubt to buy the normal one or the Surface Pro 4 one. It feels a lot better!
I have been in doubt for quite a while whether or not to keep it since most likely the Surface 4 is just around the corner. Anyway...then I have an upgrade to look out for! :)

Before this I started with an EXOPC, had a WeTab running all sorts of Windows versions and moved to an Asus Vivotab RT with 3G and the last one was an Asus T100TA. Of all previous tablets actually as a tablet the Vivotab RT was the best. I never had any real issues with Windows RT, but now it is gone so I am moving on as well.

Question for you guys....What do you use for the display? The 150% zoom or just at 100%? I like the room when using it in 100%, but everything is really hard to read :)

If you have any questions: let me know!