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I'm a proud owner of a first generation Surface RT. I bought it for my three year old son as there are great prices on refurbs these days. The Surface is an addition to my ecosystem of Windows PCs, Android phones, and iPads being used in my home. Setting up the Surface for my son was a lot of fun to say the least. I like that I can copy and past files from elsewhere on my network to the Surface, which is just one great thing that seperates the Surface from other tablets. I also like how able I am to customize the Surface from pinned menu items to colors and backgrounds. The interface is intuitive enough that my son can pick it up and use it with little to no help on my part.

After getting to know the Surface, I have to say that Microsoft is underrated in this category. If the app developers got into gear then the product could be a great success. With that said, I find myself eyeballing a Pro tablet for myself in the future. I'm a strong advocate for Microsoft Media Center and a Pro would be quite useful in my home, or at least a great toy justified by the functionality of a full blown PC.