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Homegroup Printer Drivers


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Hi, Sorry for a noob question, but I only bought a Surface RT yesterday.

I'm wanting to print from the Surface to my Homegroup printer, which is currently available from a w8 64bit PC. When I search for the printer and try and install it says that it can't find any drivers.

The printer in question is an Epson PX650.

How can I print to this or get the correct drivers? Other W8 Laptops in the home can connect, download drivers etc okay.

Not 100% sure, but on the PC the printer is connected to/shared from, view the printer properties and look for the drivers tab. Should be an option to install additional drivers. You'll want to install 32 bit drivers in there for your Surface to be able to install.
yes I think you need to do is install the 32 bit drivers for the printer on the computer, then when you connect the RT to that printer on the homegroup then it will print as needed, right now I think you have 64bit drivers installed so the RT can't use/find it...
On my W8 64bit PC, and went into printer properties and sure enough there was an option to install as 32bit driver.

The Driver file from Epson was a zip file, so I extracted the files into a new folder, and then browsed to this location. There were two INF files, so I picked the top one. W8 then seemed happy as it now had 64bit and 32bit driver.

However when I tryed to add the printer from the RT it still couldnt find/or like the offered drivers.

On the RT device it offered to locate the drivers, so I put the EXE contents on a USB stick and then pointed the RT to these files - again two INF files were detected, but neither were liked.

My next approach will be to share the printer from a 32bit netbook to see if that helps with the driver install.
The 32bit W8 Printer share didn't work either :-(

I wonder if the driver is too overly complicated as the printer is an scanner too.

I'll try installing a generic W8 driver from those pre-installed with the OS and see if I can map that to the netowrk location.