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Arizona Willie

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I've seen people commenting on how hot their Surface gets.

I have one of those Black and Decker Thermal Laser Leak Detectors and decided to check out my Surface using it.

Now I'm not sure that this is the BEST way to get the temp, but it's the best way I can think of with what I have.

The Laser is supposed to read the temperature of surfaces which seems like exactly what I would want.

I started my Surface playing a TV show on HULU PLUS and let it run for about 20 minutes or so and took some readings with the detector.

I got various readings on different points on the back of the Surface.

Everything from 100.2 to 103.8 depending on the location, naturally it's hotter over the processor.

So it certainly does get toasty but not hot enough to burn anyone.

Possibly it might get warmer if it ran longer. Maybe some games might tax the processor and video unit more than just a TV show, I dunno.

Also, I had it sitting on a table using the kickstand so the back was semi-open and air could circulate beneath the kick stand.

The < might > lower the temp a half a degree or so, I suppose.

Also, I didn't take any reading on the area below the kickstand. Only on the top half.


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Yeah it does get uncomfortably warm at times. You want it to really cook, run a big dropbox sync. I think my cpu got to almost 80C doing that which is scorching.

One thing you can do to make best use of the fans is to go to your power settings for whatever your default power setup is and under Power Options / Processor Power Management / System Cooling Policy, set both On Battery and Plugged In to "Active".

I've noticed that the fans basically tend top kick in around 50C or so. I honestly wish they allowed us to set the fan to run at about 7500 rpm all the time. The noise doesn't bother me and I would prefer a cooler tablet.

If you want to really see what your cpu is doing and what the fans are running at download AIDA64 Extreme Edition trial software and look under Computer / Sensors.

One other solution is to get a case with a removable insert like this one and it buffers your hands from the heat:

Amazon.com: MoKo Rotatory Detachable Type Cover Companion Sleeve Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 10.6" Inch Windows 8 Tablet, BLACK: Computers & Accessories
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My SP doesn't get any hotter to the touch than my iPad 3. Though they can both get pretty toasty if you have them plugged in and charging AND playing videos or graphically intensive games.