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Hot Pixel


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Just got the Surface book - great device but I have a hot pixel. Its a white pixel on black and red screen..

I have tried all the fast flashing screen fixes and even massaging the screen... still there...

Usually I would return the item to Microsoft, but its the i7 512GB version.. SO THERE IS NO STOCK ANYWHERE in Australia, and Microsoft have said there is no ETA on a replacement....

Any one had any luck fixing themselves?


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See if someone will give you a rain check on the replacement.
tried this, they want me to send it back now and then just wait...to not lose my place they want to keep the money....

worth a try to see to see if anyone had fixed it themselves...



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You have a stuck pixel. The changes of fixing any faulty pixel on an LCD screen is very slim, and no guaranty that it won't come back and now be really broken.