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How do I attach a Word document to email?


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I cannot figure out how to attach a Word file to email. When I prepare an email, I tap on attachment at the bottom of the page, then find myself on a page called "Files". The document I wish to attach is nowhere to be found. How do I find it?


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Where did you save the document you want to attach? The default is SkyDrive, so if that is the case, tap files and scroll down to SkyDrive and then check in your Documents folder there. Hope this helps.


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My default is not SkyDrive, but Files - Surface RT. I click on Files to get me anywhere locally or remotely on my RT.


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While viewing ANY document, photo, PDF on your RT all you have to do is swipe from right to open Charms Bar, select Share, then Email and it will attach the document/photo/PDF to a new email message. Then just type/select the TO (for some reason I don't see Cc/Bcc) address, add a Subject, add your message body, and Send. Doesn't get easier than that.
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use GO UP etc

Open the NEW Mail by clicking the + symbol, then Swipe up from the bottom or down from the top and choose ATTACHMENT on the left on the bottom bar that appears, then select GO UP to navigate the file system. Still wont Upload Pictures here. MEH! When you get the Files area you will see the words Go Up Sort by name and Select all. Next to Files is where you are currently. Its so basic that its a little concerning at first. I hate this forums posting interface.
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