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How do i map the pen button to onenote 2013 ?


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Ok the pen button is fantastic to launch onenote, but I have upgraded to onenote 2013, but just cant find where I can change the exe file to launch onenote 2013 instead on onenote when pressing the pen button.


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I got a notice when I opened the desktop OneNote 2013 saying it was not my default version, do I want to make it the default version for my "OneNote experience?".

If you missed that notice on desktop version go to File/Options/Advanced and under Default OneNote Application check the box Make OneNote 2013 (desktop) the default application.

I unchecked that box and the pen button then opened the MUI version. When I went back to the desktop and opened OneNote 2013 I got the notice again. So you can switch back and forth. That's nice if you're at a meeting or lecture and you want MUI version to open with the pen button and you can later switch back.