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Could not Open OneNote using Surface Pro Pen button

Saleem Shaikh

New Member
When I create a custom image using Windows 8.1 Enterprise with Office 2013, OneNote does not open when I press the eraser button(Top Button) on the pen. I have tried installing OneNote modern from the app store but it still does not open like it does on the OEM OS that ships with the Surface. Need help How to install the Drivers and where are they available.
Saleem Shaikh

Saleem Shaikh

New Member
Tip #1: Deploying custom image to Surface Pro 3
You may have noticed that if you deploy a custom image to Surface Pro 3 the Pen button does not bring up modern OneNote. The image that ships with Surface Pro 3 contains additional update that adds this functionality. If you are deploying a custom image you will need to incorporate that update into your deployment or reference image.

KB2968599: Quick Note-Taking Experience Feature for Windows 8.1

At this time we are working on making this update easier to download but in the meantime you can download it from the following direct link:


Tip #2: Setting default OneNote for the Pen
If you use the Desktop version of OneNote 2013 you may want it to be the default application when the Pen button is pressed. To change the default OneNote application you can set this in OneNote 2013 using following steps

1. Click File, Options
2. Choose Advanced
3. Under Default OneNote Application

NOTE: If you do not have this option in OneNote 2013 make sure you have the following update for OneNote installed:

KB2881082: July 8, 2014 update for OneNote 2013

Tip #3: Double click functionality for screenshots
One of the other nice features is the ability to double click the pen button to send a screenshot to OneNote.

Magic Tricks with OneNote and Surface Pro 3

In order to support this functionality, the Modern OneNote app must be the latest version available from the store. So, if this functionality does not work, make sure Modern OneNote app has been updated.

If you configure the Desktop OneNote as the default OneNote application, it should work by default with the double-click feature.

Tip #4: Adding Pen pairing to a deployment
During the 1st bootup of the OEM image that ships with the Surface Pro 3, you are prompted during OOBE to pair the pen. If you are deploying a custom image and want to add this setup screen to your deployment (to be completed by technician or user), you can use the following steps:


  • System with the Windows ADK installed
  • Install.wim are you are deploying
  • Another Surface Pro 3 system that has the OEM system image that ships from Microsoft
1. Take one of your existing Surface Pro 3 devices that has the OEM image on it and copy the following files to USB flash drive or other location:


2. Open Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment cmd prompt

3. Use the DISM command to mount the image you are deploying

Dism /mount-wim /wimfile:c:\install.wim /index:1 /mountdir:c:\mount

4. Create the following folder structure in the image


5. Copy all the files from Step #1 above into this folder

6. Close any explorer Windows and switch to C:\ to make sure no open file handles to the c:\mount folder

7. Unmount the image and save changes

Dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:c:\mount /commit

Tip #5: Troubleshooting the pen
For additional information on troubleshooting the pen take a look at: