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Surface Pro 3 pen top button change to Onenote 2013


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I just got my Surface Pro 3, and have determined I like using Onenote 2013 vs Onenote Modern (which comes already installed). I have Onenote 2013 now installed, and use it often.

Is there any way to change the action of the pen top button to go to Onenote 2013 vs Onenote Modern. Tried changing all sorts of setting, but can find one that works. I want the same actions with the top button (one click, double click) just with Onenote 2013. No matter what I set those actions still bring up the unwanted Onenote Modern.

Is this currently possible?

Open up Onenote 2013 (desktop) > file > options > advanced > check the "Make Onenote 2013 (desktop) the default OneNote application for OneNote links, notes, and clips"
Make sure you have the latest updates for Office, if you've installed the traditional Office Client they are delivered through Windows Update, if it the Click2Run Version you get to Updates from the File Tab----> Account
I do not get the option under Advanced to "Make Onenote 2013 (desktop) the default OneNote application for OneNote links, notes, and clips". I tried following the steps above and reinstalling the free Onenote desktop version and then I think I found the problem. The free Onenote 2013 program seems to only be 32bit. I have 64bit Office Pro installed which includes the 64bit version of Onenote desktop. Has anyone else been able to change the default pen click to use Onenote desktop 64bit version? If so how? Thanks in advance.
try control panel-programs-default programs-set your default programs-one note desktop-choose defaults for this progam-select all-save.
It appears that only the 32bit version can be invoked by the pen, I removed the 32bit version of Office and replaced with the 64bit due to my datasets and it is make to using the Modern UI version.
I had originally installed OneNote 64-bit as part of my Office Installation and I was unable to start anything other than the Metro version with the pen. However, you can download a 64-Bit version of OneNote from www.OneNote.com, but not by hitting the download now on the homepage. You must select Windows from the "Get OneNote for Free on All Your Devices" section. Then, you must select the "Other Download Options" from the following page. The version that I installed from there, does allow you to select the desktop version to start from the pen button push.
Thank you mcsenerd...I would never have noticed that.

I find it odd that this downloaded version seems to be different than the one I have....I would have assumed that a recent Office update would have equalized these two versions. It is strange that those of us that have Onenote already installed from Office Pro have to download and install Onenote again just to get some of these options. Come on Microsoft.
I have the 2013 version from Office 365. I followed the procedure using the file-options-advanced to set the desktop version as my default and now one click on the top pen button launches the 2013 version instead of the metro version. Incidentally, I couldn't figure out how to use the metro version. There is no menu bar at the top to control what your doing the popup toolbar at the bottom doesn't allow you to control that much.

I also tried emulating the video of tips and tricks (which just shows you the tricks but doesn't show you how to make them happen) that showed him drawing on one Surface and having it immediately appear on another computer. I did it with my SP3 & SP2 connected to the same file through OneDrive. It's pretty cool but one computer lagged abut 20 seconds seeing the changes made on the other Surface. I suppose that may have depended on how fast your accesses to the cloud are. I was hoping it would be almost instantaneous like I saw in the Tips & Tricks demo.

I like what I see with One Note and think I will really get into learning how to use it. I'll probably try and find a 2013 One Note for dummies book.