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How do you highlight in order to copy on surface 2 w/out a mouse?

Arizona Willie

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MOST desktop ( standard ) programs don't KNOW HOW to call the on-screen keyboard.
There are a few that can, I believe. But most of them weren't programmed to do that.

It probably < would > be possible to have a patch for a program to teach it how to call up the on-screen keyboard, but I don't think it would be a high priority with the programmers. Who would pay them to do it?

I just tested it on my SP2 and it worked as designed, did you update your video driver to the Intel Reference Driver?

Text Fields in desktop mode no longer invoke the Keyboard this is by design, It only works in the Modern UI.


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The only desktop application I know that is able to invoke the keyboard is Office 2013 and even then it is hit or miss... in fact Grahl Software (PDF Annotator) has hard coded the Windows Vista/7 Floating Keyboard in his Application.