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Just received my new surface 3!


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I just received a new Surface 3, Keyboard Cover and Pen direct from Microsoft Store today. This is a different experience using a Windows tablet, especially with Win 10 after only using Kindle and Android tablets. I've been exploring it for a few hours I'm feeling confident about the new OS, but am having some concerns about the device itself.

I'm finding some glitches with the touch and pen input. Sometimes the screen doesn't seem to be responsive to either my finger or pen. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or just not pressing hard enough? A few times pressing near the top of the screen it began to flicker slightly. I've also had the pen fade out while writing sentences. I had to reboot for it to start working properly again. Otherwise, when links do work, the speed seems fast. I've only had some sluggish page scrolling in Firefox, but Edge appears to function as expected.

I did purchase the latest Pen that released with SP4. Supposedly it is compatible, and I can write with it, but link clicking isn't happening about half the time. Is there a utility program to customize the Pen function and buttons? Is there a way to get the Pen to work more like a mouse to scroll web pages? I've always been able to do this with other stylus on tablets in the past, and keep trying with the Pen, but that isn't working either so far.

Overall, theres a lot to like about the Surface 3. Hopefully I'll manage to get the kinks worked out because having a Windows tablet to write and draw on is a huge plus for Me. I'm sure I'll be posting questions as I progress.


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Congratulations on your new Surface. There will be a lot for you to learn for sure. On the pen issue, tap the Surface tile and in there is a calibration and pen adjustment tool. I assume you went through the pairing process or you probably wouldn't have gotten as far as you did. You may want to unpair and try again. Be certain to update until there are no more updates then do another restart for good measure.


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Thanks for your response! My surface arrived with Windows 10 already installed, So I assumed I wouldn't need to do anything, however you are correct that there were updates needed. The latest one that popped up is to upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586. So, I'lll do that next.

As for the Pen, I found the sensitivity setting and that seemed to improve both pen and touch input considerably. I was noticing that it was primarily difficult to recognize either around the edges of the screen, but I think that's resolved. I haven't been able to find any settings regarding the pen buttons. Nothing seems to happen when I press the button on the body of the pen nor the "eraser" button. It definitely doesn't open one note or wake up the device. The only thing the eraser button does seem to do is erase in one note. Still can't figure out how to get the pen to scroll web pages like a stylus/finger either. It doesn't seem to grab the scroll bar very well at all.