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How long does it take to get a replacement?


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So, i've had the Surface since November, and in late December noticed a loose connection for the headphone socket (I didn't need to use it before). It works, but needs a lot of fiddling with. I considered replacing it but I'm living in Spain, and at the time it hadn't been released here, meaning i'd have to send it to England, then England to Microsoft, then Microsoft to England, then England here. It didn't make seem worth it for such a small issue.

Now, I have the option to send it to the Spain support to get a replacement, but I was wondering if anyone knew how long I would be without my device?

And do you think it's even possible to get a Spanish replacement for a device bought in England? I wouldn't be replacing the keyboard, and the actual device is the same isn't it?


It should be possible to get a replacement.
I had the felt on the keyboard coming apart at the spine. I got a replacement in two days.
As long as you have registered your Surface, a replacement should be available from Spain in a couple of days. I think they will send you a replacement unit, with a pre-paid return slip. You simply put your Surface in and send it back. Be sure to reset it to factory though.
Ah thanks. I've just noticed that option. It gives me another question to ask.

When I go through the process of getting a replacement, it doesn't give me any opportunity to say what exactly is wrong with the device. All I can do is click "Audio issue". Is there somewhere else I should give more info? Or will they just work it out themselves?
I almost went through with the process last week after seeing the advanced exchange option (they send me a new tablet, and I return the old in the same box) which suited me well. I decided to do it the following day since I didn't have time.
The following day I went through the process but was only offered the standard exchange. Where has the other option gone? Has anyone else had this issue?

I spoke to Microsoft Support on the live chat last Friday, and they said the site was going through updates and it should be fixed by the following day. I am now writing this at 11:30pm on Monday (3 days later) and still can't see the advanced exchange option.

Anyone know any reason why?

Hi Mike, this has been discussed. MS has had a change in policy and is not offering advanced exchange at this time. Most likely it is due to the lack of stock. They can't send you a device in advance if they don't have it to send.