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Loose headphone jack connection


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Hello everyone,

I have had my Surface for almost 2 months now and have recently noticed the headphone jack connection is loose. I have not really needed to use it until now, and never knew the problem existed.

For the device to connect it is necessary to put upwards pressure on the wire at the connecting point. When pressure is taken off the device does not recognise anything plugged in. There is minimal visible movement at the connection point.

Does anyone know if there is a way I can fix this myself?

My issue is that I am currently living in Spain, where the tablet is not supported. From what I have read, I can only return it to get a replacement if I send it from the UK, to Microsoft UK. I can't send it directly from here. Also Microsoft will only send a replacement to the UK address. This is a pain, and I'm not sure why they originally offer to deliver to Spain if they can't send the replacement here too!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.