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How to change ownership of a Surface Pro?


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Our company just purchased a Surface Pro, which will eventually go into my boss' ownership. Upon startup, I registered my own email address (MS Live) with it, so I login with my own email. However, now that I need to give it to my boss, I cannot find out how to make someone else the owner. I can add another user account, but how do I make someone else the main ownership account?


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1) Make the new user an admin.
2) Login as the new user
3) delete your account
4) Power off and hand it over.


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I took this off the Microsoft Forums:

First, perform a 'Reset' of the device to restore it to out-of-the-box state. For more information on how to do this, visit here:


Then go to Surface live support (here's a direct link to chat with a Surface support agent):


Log in using the Microsoft Account the device is registered to. The agent will not have access to the tool required to unregister your device unless you sign in with the account the device is registered to. Ask the support agent to 'unregister' the device from your account.

The next person can then register the device to them during setup or by visiting MyService.Surface.com @http://myservice.surface.com/en-US/Pages/Welcome.aspx

Keep in mind that if you have a touch cover it is also a serial numbered device and will also need to be unregistered and re-registered separately from the Surface device, so be sure to ask that both be done (if applicable).

Hope this helps!