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surface rt - people hub and facebook sync issue


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Hi All

I brought a surface Rt a couple of days ago and since then all I have been doing is rebooting, researching and trouble shooting...might get to actually play with it soon hopefully lol.

The issue I have is the People Hub won't connect with my Facebook, every time I try to connect the account through the people hub it comes up with 'cannot connect to the service, we cannot connect to the service you need right now. Check your network connection or try again later'

Things I have tried so far is download all updates, there was an issue with that too as it wouldn't download or update so had to reboot the whole thing within only 2 hours of ownership, so anyway all updates are now installed. I have also tried uninstalling the people hub and reinstalling but still no luck.

If anyone has any advice id greatly appreciate it?

(just to add I also have a Nokia Lumia 920 on WM and FB connects to the people hub on there fine)

Thanks in advance

Just to update - Have also tried adding fb account through Microsoft Account online and get http 500 error. Have checked through sharing permissions settings on the device and all active but still no luck :/

Also my mail tile doesn't even display email previews now for some reason, live tile setting is on.

I can see this thing going back to the shop in a few days if I don't get any luck...shame as nice bit of kit really, maybe I should have taken notice to the bad press!
An app uninstall/reinstall (the whole suite--Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging App) has worked for others. Also, there's a new version coming with 8.1.

And if you did "take notice" of bad press at face value but didn't actually dig deeper, you wouldn't be a smart consumer. ;) Unfortunately too many believed the anti-hype about lack of store apps being "crippling" (you get Surface RT for mostly productivity, and it has a full web browser) or compared to the wrong things or plain didn't know how to use it. My favorite of these complaints: "I bought the wrong OS because I assumed you could install any software you wanted, but it doesn't let me do that, so I'm going to blame the device for my own failure to research more."

Dropping $$$ on any device just because it's new and shiny and without due diligence in learning how the device works and how it fits certain lifestyles is the fault of the consumer, though the noise-to-signal ratio was particularly high due to Microsoft's own meddling with terrible marketing (worst marketing campaign ever). If you give up based on only this, then you bought the wrong device: The users who love Surface RT buy it for MS Office, battery life, mobility, and the capable web browser, and much more base functionality than an iPad (e.g. USB). I use Facebook through the browser, really.

*The built-in social apps did deserve flak, but it's getting overhauled anyway.
Can you connect to your Facebook account on your Surface RT if you use Internet Explorer in the desktop mode? If not, there might be something disrupting your connection to the internet. It's just a thought.