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How to set up Surface Pro 17 with two AOC E1659FWUX portable USB monitors?


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Hi there everyone,

I just recently purchased two AOC E1659FWUX portable USB monitors and tried to connect these to my Surface Pro 17 but unfortunately nothing, no picture.

I use to own a ASUS USB Monitor and set it up through a Minix Neo C USB C (Type A) multi port adapter and Microsoft Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter and this set up worked well until I dropped and broke the monitor (very easy to break). Subsequent to that I decided to replace with two AOC E1659FWUXs.

I'd greatly appreciate to hear from someone who successfully set up their Surface Pro 17 with one or two AOC E1659FWUX portable USB monitors?

I suspect there may be issues connecting the OC E1659FWUX portable USB monitor with the Surface Pro 17 via the Minix Neo C USB C (Type A) adapter with the cable Type C to USB C (Type A), but I'm not sure.

Thanks kindly,


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Ahh, never tried a USB monitor. Figured that everything would connect via display port instead. Curious to see how this is made to work with a Surface Pro in general, not just 2017. It looks like it's DIsplay Link compatible so maybe go to the Display Link website and download the software or drivers for Display Link? See it that helps produce an image on the device.