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how to slave a surface pro to a desktop like a cintique?


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i enjoy the pros ability to stand on its own, but sometimes i just want it to connect to the desktop either wired or wireless so that i can use it like a Cintiq display, does anyone know a way i can do this?

for those that dont know exactly what a cintiq is i basically want to use the tablet as a sort of remote desktop, so that while im working on something on my desktop i can just pick up the tablet, and start using the pressure sensitive pen and draw on the tablet and it will affect whatever is on the pc, if that makes any sense.

thanks for any suggestions!


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Pretty sure it's impossible, although maybe wacom will come out with drivers that allow it. The tablet can't be put into "mouse mode" so it will never reach your extended desktop. Maybe it you just turned on mirroring it could essentially work the same way on your external monitor?


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Yeah, you could turn on screen mirroring, so you'll see the same on your desktop monitor and the surface pro. You should be able to draw on the Surface, but also see everything on your desktop and use keyboard shortcuts 'n stuff. I've heard someone tried this before and it worked.


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Right click on desktop -> Screen resolution. You should 2 screens there, and a dropbox list "Multiple displays." Select "duplicate these displays" and you should see the same on both. Can't try it out myself, don't have a Surface Pro yet. :(


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aaah i dont have any wires just yet, but i will try and pick up an emulator that will use my network and see if i can get it to work ill report back if im successful!


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Screen mirroring should be exactly like that (you'll see the exact same on surface/Desktop Monitor though). Just gotta connect your Surface Pro via the mini-displayport.
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