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Surface Pro vs Desktop + Surface Pro?

Can't you find them on Amazon? Worst case, let's say it is easy for you to get Mini DP to Full DP adapter, then you can get an HDMI to full DP cable.

One cable is obviously better, though, and this is the most recent one I purchased.

So that cable you linked to works well for you with the SP? My current (incredibly overpriced) MS DP to VGA adapter doesn't work well with my monitor because for whatever reason the monitor looks like crap with anything but HDMI input.

You have no connection issues without the beveled plug edge?
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Yes cheers, I did come across that one. But 6 feet is much bigger than I need. I know there's 3 foot, but only in white, why!? I know I'm fussy... I found a Mini DisplayPort to DVI cable yesterday (I don't require sound, it goes to an external amplifier) but it's DVI-I and my monitor's input is DVI-D! Typical.

I don't know whether to stick an adapter on my monitor (won't look great sticking out) or just accept that I've got to use a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
I'm that fussy as well but, hey, at the end of the day you gotta go with what works. :)

For example, with the exception of my iPhone/iPod charger cable, all my cables were black. I loved it! :) But then I fell out of love with my black Bluetooth keyboard and Wedge mouse. I eventually settled on two new products which I dearly love: The Macally Bluetooth keyboard and the Apple Magic Mouse. Both only come in white. Not my first preference in color, but they work the best for me and I love them, so I've had to learn and accept to look past the color. :)