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How To Update The Surface Pro 3 Firmware Offline Using A USB Drive


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Microsoft’s PFE group and premier support group blogged about how you can updated your Surface Pro 3 firmware using a USB drive. This new firmware fixes issues such as slow PXE performance downloading a boot.wim, Surface Pro 3 not charging when in docking station and more.

If you are deploying a custom image using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), System Center Configuration Manager, or other deployment tool you may want to address these firmware issues before you deploy your custom image. Microsoft has come up with a method to use a USB Windows PE drive that automatically updates the Surface firmware when you boot with it.

What do you need to follow this process?

Things to know before updating using this process,

  • Do not try to update the Touch Firmware using this method.
  • This guidance will not work if the Surface Pro disk was formatted (and a new Operating System wasn’t loaded) or if the disk is encrypted.
  • To prevent accidental device shutdown, the firmware updates will only be applied when the device has 40% or more of battery. We strongly recommend you fully charge your battery before proceeding with the firmware update.
Read the steps in detail here.

Continue reading @: http://microsoft-news.com/how-to-update-the-surface-pro-3-firmware-offline-using-a-usb-drive/