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Microsoft rolls out Surface RT, Surface 2 4G, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 firmware updates


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Aside from the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has rolled out firmware updates for all the previous versions of the company's Surface tablet -- including the Surface RT, Surface 2 4G, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. The firmware update for the Surface 2 only applies to the 4G/LTE model.

Starting with the Surface RT, Microsoft has released a "Surface Home Button Driver (v1.0.255.0)" update that enhances system stability in both the active state and the sleep/wake transition state. The Surface 2 4G/LTE model received a "Modem Firmware Update (v5.706.306.1)" that enhances the performance and reliability of AT&T 4G LTE networks.

The Surface Pro 2 received a "Wireless Network Controller (v 14.69.24054.176)" update that enables functionality on wireless networks utilizing hidden SSIDs. The Surface Pro received the following updates and improvements:

  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware (v2.84.0350) improves battery management when a Surface Cover is attached.
  • Surface Pro UEFI (v1.6.350) provides support for PXE boot with the new Surface Ethernet Adapter.
  • Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (v10.18.10.3496) improves Miracast wireless display experience and enhances display stability.
  • Intel(R) Display Audio (v6.16.00.3135) enhances compatibility and improves the display experience for DisplayPort monitors.
  • Surface Accessory Device (v1.0.338.0) improves the experience when using Surface accessories.
  • Surface Power Cover Firmware update (v1.0.339.0) improves the experience when using Surface Power Cover.
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