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December Firmware update crippled USB port?


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In addition to the battery charging issues that others are experiencing with this newest firmware update, has anybody experienced decreased USB 3.0 performance from the Surface Pro 2?

Prior to update, my tablet was masterful at multi-tasking.

Connected to my USB port was a Plugable 10-port USB hub with:

- An SD card in a USB-adapter
- An external CD/DVD writer
- A 1TB external HDD
- A Kensington USB-Video adapter powering a 24" 1080p monitor

My performance decrease is evidenced from all the devices powered by the USB hub. The monitor connected via the USB adapter is now sluggish when watching videos and even just moving window. Accessing my external HDD is also extremely laggy when navigating the folders.

Anybody experience this? I'm in the process of backing up some files I had and will restore before the firmware update to see if that fixes it. I'll update this if I see the performance return to normal.


Actually, I don't think system restore actually removed the firmware. The battery issue still exists. I tried searching but was unsure how to actually uninstall the firmware. Can anybody help me? Thanks!

EDIT 2**

I'm a dummy...So I restored it to an earlier date before the firmware was installed and I can verify that the 12/10 firmware DID in fact decrease the performance of my USB port. Videos play silky smooth like before and all of my devices are working just as quickly.

I'm gonna stay on this old firmware until I know the USB performance and battery issues are fixed.
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