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HTML 5 Application and Virtual Keyboard

Jamie Ayer

New Member
Does anyone know how to have the virtual keyboard open via an HTML 5 application on the surface when I go to a textbox?? I have added tags to the textbox that will open the keyboard when viewed via my Windows 8 phone, but when I view via the Surface Pro, the keyboard will not open up.

This is a non Windows store application. This function should work across all the windows 8 platform.


Active Member
For desktop applications, if I want the onscreen KB to pop up, there's a KB icon on the taskbar that I press and then KB appears.

Jamie Ayer

New Member
I need the keyboard to open up automatically when I touch the textbox like it does in my phone. The taskbar will be hidden from view when this application is running and the user cannot interact with the taskbar.


Staff member
From my understanding you'll need to either use the WinRT API's and create a Modern UI App or figure out the APIs that are used in Office 2013 as it is the only non Modern UI App that I've seen invoke the keyboard, but even it isn't perfect at doing it. You can create a Modern UI App and by pass the Store if this app is being loaded in a Corporate or closed environment by using a PowerShell Installer with a Developers License to side load the App.