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Hyper-V win7 client full screen


ive decided to have a play with hyper-v for work reasons and the only windows 8.1 machine I can get my hands on for this is my personal SP3

after installing window 7 home initial release with sp1 and trillions of updates plus the install of integration tools im not better off than I was before. I don't have windows 7 pro which is a pain as I could use remote desktop.

I want to max the screen to fill my SP3 but when I do so it is no bigger than the windowed screen, ie. massive black border, not stretch to fill screen.

I use the built in virtual machine connection that comes with the manager.
the client can only max res off 1152*864 but was hoping that selecting view, full screen mode would do that.
Any tips?
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ok I downloaded the 90 day trial of windows 7 enterprise, I now get 1600x1200. better but full screen the same.
I do now however get the remote desktop option to it which is full screen etc.