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Solved Can't enable Hyper V...


So I go into Turn Windows Features On or Off and check Hyper V. It applies changes then asks to reboot so I do, it does the first part during shutdown as I see it "Working on Features" and it hits 30% and then it reboots. Upon rebooting the screen comes up and it again says "Working on Features" and it's at 92%, BUT then it says "We Couldn't Complete the Features, Undoing Changes" and it reboots again and Hyper V is NOT enabled.

I have tried several times with the same results. I have also run the dism, utility as per Microsoft and it didn't find any issues or errors. Any ideas?

I have the i5 128mb version with all updates applied. I have no other issues.

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No and no. I checked for updates and I am 100% up to date and I haven't done anything in UEFI. Wondering if there is anything in there I do need to change...


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That was going to be my next question, what A/V you were running. Most consumer A/V solutions struggle with things like Connected Standby and Server Technologies like virtualization...