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I miss the ergonomic design of Windows 8


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I just installed windows 10 build 10041 last night. In the back of my head, I'm super-annoyed that they went too far too far to appease all the stupid whiners. It feels like windows 7 again. All the gestures in the ergonomic design of 8.1 seem to be gone. Why?

In the front of my head, I'm trying to keep an open mind.

This is why I hate whiners and people who don't ever want to change. They want to stick with their hammer and chisel for a million years after the invention of the pen and ink.

I hope all the whiners are happy now that we're back to windows 7. My SP3 just became another cheap $300 laptop.
I respectfully--and most vehemently--disagree with the assertions that A) Windows 10 is not ergonomically designed for the tablet user and B) that it's basically just Win 7 all over again. When I tap the Start key or icon, I'm not greeted with a bunch of 2009 style tiny icons. My screen is filled with huge one and two-inch squares that are Only at home on a touch screen. It's fairly simple to make this Modern interface your primary one...... you rarely even have to see the Win7 style desktop. As for ergonomics, the one example that was given was not being able to swipe in from the right to go to the Start Screen. However, the Surface is meant to be Microsoft's idea of how the ideal Windows tablet should operate...... and that's why they've got the physical Windows key on the side. They understand the importance of making it easy to get back to the Start screen from the sides, since the sides are what you'll be holding. And you can still do that with the physical button. Why make things redundant by also allowing you to swipe in to get to the Start screen when you can save that gesture for something else very important to touch-screen users: NOTIFICATIONS. I think it's absolutely brilliant that Microsoft did not mimic Android and make us have to reach up to the top to pull down a shade when a notification comes in. Instead, our hands need not leave the sides of the tablet. As soon as that email or Facebook notification comes in, we just have to do a quick swipe to the left. I believe this is incredibly ergonomic, and something done specifically for us Windows tablet owners. In my humble opinion, every tablet that is designed first for landscape use should have notifications that open from the sides!

In that same vein, for us Surface owners, Onenote is very important as a tool that we pair with our pens....and it also is a quick swipe from the side. And finally, multitasking by swing in from the left side is, I believe, the easiest that multitasking has ever been--especially for those with touch screens.

Anyway, just my thoughts.