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I probably will get a macbook instead of a Surface.

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I want a Surface, make no mistake. And i do want 8Gb RAM and i5.

For me, who is mainly a writer and otherwise typical computer-user (surfing & video), the most important thing is that the Hardware feels great, and that it is good to type on. Also price is important. (Of course the most important is that it functions well)

Now i live in Sweden, and if one converts the swedish price of an SP4 (i5, 8gb ram) with a type cover, to US dollars, then we land at almost $1800 (typecover is $180 here). This is crazy to me. And i don't seriously understand how MS can charge that much for version that cost $1299+130 in the US. Yes we do have different VAT, true, but still it's a bat-shit crazy price.

Now, a 13" Macbook pro (retina) on the Other hand, i could get for an eqvivilant of $1350.

There is just such a huge price difference that i can not justify getting the Surface and Windows. Especially not after reading about all the problems that so many people have been having.

I did not even want a Mac, but nothing can compare with the hardware of apple. So my first Mac it will be.

Surface Book will not be sold in Sweden. So that is not an optiom.

Microsoft does not have international warranty on their products, so can't buy the SP4 from the US like i first planed on doing, too many faults for people so far for me to feel safe about it.

Buying the SP3 would not be an option for me, knowing that i was forced to go with the lesser of the two.

No other company makes a windows pc that i thinks lives up to Apple harware (what they should be aiming for).

It bugs the shit out of me, because i would have wanted this product badly.

Only option for me would be to get the SP4 with an i5 and 4Gb ram, would land me of the equivalent of $1300(with type cover).. But i don't think this will happen.

Sorry Microsoft, the Two Surface'es are awesome in so many ways, but looks like you probably lost a previous windows user and Apple gained a Mac user. Maybe i'll be back to Windows in 5 years if i can justify it by then.

Anyone see a sulution for me sticking to the SP4?


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There are plenty of these threads to go around. This one is now closed as you have made your point.
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