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I ordered the Surface book Pro 6 and just wanted to make sure I made the right decision as I’m a long time mac owner.

I am going for my bachelor online ASU for psychology then will continue online with masters and doctorate.

The specs I ordered are platinum surface pro 6 I7 256 go ssd 8 gb ram

I am excited to use the OneNote because I like taking notes and I guess it can transpose to text...

I will only use it for online school, YouTube, Netflix, streaming Apple Music, and of course word documents.

I just wanted to see if any college students used these SP5/6’s and how they worked out?

My plan is to work in my office but maybe sit on the couch and read a document or homework assignment, or on my bed. Bring to work with me (possible), or whenever I travel to do homework.

Or if it wouldn’t be good, I could return and get the SB2 with i5, 256 gb, 8gb if that is the better option.

My only concern is typing on my lap but I haven’t seen anyone say they couldn’t do that.

So any advice is welcome to the newbie ! Just want a solid replacement to my Mac of 9 years which is 512 hd, 2.35 ghz


Not open for further replies.