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I think returns are not checked enough before sent out as replacements


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With so many posting they are on their 3rd or 4th replacement unit, I think that some people are returning their units because they didn't work right, but instead of going through support, just use the 30 return policy. And Microsoft is sending those units out as replacements for real support returns.

I just got my replacement SP3, and besides the terrible light bleed, it would register random touch in the center top of screen and the windows button would register randomly, making it totally unusable as it would throw me to the start screen when using it. QC on the replacement units seems really shoddy.
You may be right. You may be wrong. Your single opinion on the matter does not make it true.

I do understand where you sore coming from though. I don't really agree with the idea of people being sent referbs when they send back a faulty unit, whether it is the general practice or not. If a device is sent back because it is defective, it should be a brand new unit. If a product is successful, then customer satisfaction becomes more important than the profit margin. If the customers are happy then the profits will take care of themselves :)
Take all of the negative reports you have read. Now multiply that by 10 (or even more) to account for those you haven't seen. Compare that number to the total number of units you might guess have been sold.

We tend to see most of the complaints but *very* few of the success stories.
TBH you may well be right, I'm up to 3 so far and i'm ordering a 4th exchange. All the unit are DESG: New but I'm not convinced, if they are new the QC is horrid.