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My replacement experience


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I had an issue with my SP3 and decided to use Microsoft Support instead of going to the LA Microsoft Store.

I used the Microsoft online tool to process my replacement request. It was a simple and easy process. I chose the Advanced Replacement option. Using this option, they put a hold on your credit card for $1,000 plus sales tax on that $1,000.

I placed my online replacement order the evening of Sept 9th, the order shipped on Sept 10th via FedEx from Memphis, TN and I received the replacement SP3 on Sept 11th at about 10am.

The replacement arrived in a cardboard box with the SP3 inside a padded envelope. Instructions for returning the defective SP3 and a return FedEx label were also provided.

The new unit is flawless! No yellow stripe, no scratches or marks, the screen does not have any glue issues and on this unit there is zero backlight screen bleed.

Overall I am thrilled with the Microsoft exchange policy. Its a very simple and easy process. They ship the replacement quickly and its delivered just as fast.

10 gold stars to Microsoft..


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That's great raqball. BTW. How do you check for backlight screen bleed? I've heard people talk about it but I've never been sure if I have any or not. If I do, it just doesn't bother me because something is always up on the screen and I don't notice anything wrong. Maybe you put up an all black screen.


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Way to go...

I participate in a few tablet forums, (Android and Windows 8). Not a day goes by where there isn't a post about screen bleed. You can usually expect to see some from a backlit tablet.


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I agree with the screen bleed commemt. My other had it but was only noticeable on bootup with the black screen. The unit I just received has zero as far as these old eyes can see..