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Icons on the 'PC desktop' of Surface


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Hi Theres
My Surface is relatively new and I am a bit lost. I just don't find a way to put icons (e. g. This computer, or other folders), onto the PC desktop (not the one with the tiles, that one I ve worked out). I do know how to add things to the bottom bar of the PC desktop, but there are some things I'd like to have on the desktop as it was in Win7. Thanks for your help.
BTW: How on earth do I stop IE underlining words it thinks are not correct. I guess IE is set on German, but now, as I am writing in English, almost anything is underlined... I unticked the correction and marking of wrong spelling in the overall Surface Menu, but IE keeps underlining.



Hi Steff, to pin to the taskbar on the desktop, open the start screen (the one with the tiles) if your using touch slide the screen up ( if mouse and keyboard, click the downwards pointing arrow) to reveal the all apps screen. Look for the icon you want to pin and hold it down with ur finger or right click to call up the menu, then from the menu click "pin to taskbar". Good luck


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Normally you should just be able to right click on a folder and then send to desktop:

Screenshot (4).png


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Icons for Office programs are a little tricky to place on the desktop. The only way I have found to do this is to open the program file (C:>Program files> Microsoft Office 15>root>office 15) and then scroll down to the corresponding exe file, and then right click to either send to desktop or pin to taskbar.

I think you can disable spell check as well. How to do this in German? Ich habe keine Ahnung...