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IE 11 flicker at random times


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I have my Surface Pro 3 for 10 months now and I really enjoy it. However, there is a small issue that I have not found a fix since I had it.

This only happens when I use Internet Explorer 11 and it's hard to explain what is happening. To make it as simple, the browser flickers for a variety of reason. I can go through the same set of websites on the mobile version of Internet Explorer without the same issue. When the browser does flicker and eventually displays blank, I can't use Google but whatever links/box on the page I am looking at is actually functional. Sometimes it's a webpage problem that the browser can restart itself and be ok afterwards, but there are times when closing the browser doesn't suggest there is a problem and restart a new session.

I believe I am running the latest updates at the moment and the same thing happens regardless of updates. Is this more of a hardware or software problem?

Many Thanks!


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Have you ever reinstalled with either the Refresh (keep files) or Reset (remove everything - factory settings) Recovery options? If not I think you should consider doing so.


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I have not tried either Recovery options, but I am curious what is causing it since this glitch happen starting on the day I bought it.