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IE11 and Mobile View


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I've been searching the web for most of the day without a fix, so I could really use some help.

I'm using a Surface Pro 3 and the bundled IE11, I desperately need to view a web site in Desktop view (not the Mobile version). The mobile version doesn't have a link to switch to desktop view, and some of the important links can only be found in the desktop view.

The site I'm trying to access is http://www.njherald.com

I type that address and it automatically switches to http://m.njherald.com/w/main

I've even tried a redirect that works in Chrome: http://www.njherald.com/?clientype=generic&mobilecgbypass . That doesn't work either.

Attached are 2 screenshots. The first is of the site in IE 11 (which forces the mobile version with no link to switch to desktop). The second is the same site in Chrome with an option to switch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!