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They Broke the Facebook Site! (Showing Mobile Now)


This started yesterday. For some reason the facebook site is loading the mobile version in IE11 on my Surface RT with 8.1. This even on IE desktop mode.

Anyone else having this problem? How do I force it to show the full desktop site?
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You can use Compatibility Mode and it renders properly but then FB says your browser is old and outdated. It is only effecting RT, my Ultrabook with 8.1 RTM isn't having the issue.


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Yep. I was just coming here to post about this. jnjroach, how do you use compatibility mode?

I actually installed a Facebook app because of this.
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From the desktop browser, right click on the blank space next to the address bar and click menu bar, from the menu bar click tools then Compatibility View settings and then add Facebook.com


I am amazed at the number of sites I have to enable compatibility mode for, to get them to function properly. Even many Microsoft sites don't yet work with IE11.
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