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If you bought a SP3 for business, do not buy Complete support


Just a heads up, if you purchased a SP3 for business like I did, do not buy Complete support.

Whilst it lets you purchase it online in the small print you cannot claim on it if you used the device for business purposes.

Instead, there is a 'Microsoft Extended Hardware Support' which is for business users and offers a couple of different options:

- 2 extra years warranty + free advanced replacement
- As above + accidental breakage insurance


Worked out well for me as I only wanted the extended warranty so got cover for half the price of Complete.

You need to go via a reseller for it, in the UK I bought it through Insight.

If you've already purchased Complete and are a business user, look into getting a refund as you have bought a dud.
thanks for the tip, though they have never asked this question the 2-3x I took my SP2 in for repair/replacement.
I think that for the actual MS warranty it is OK but it is in the small print for the accidental damage cover that it lists no business usage. That is a separate insurance policy provided by a 3rd party.
That's an interesting point and especially interesting if hypothetically someone purchased a SP3 with their own money and uses it both for personal use and BYOD at work. These days that is quite common and a growing practice, especially with phones but becoming more so with other devices.
Yep, I am a freelance contractor and specifically purchased this device so I could use it for home and work. I am glad I checked out that small print! It is clear at least the accidental damage is invalidated by business use but it doesn't specifically say about the warranty part, but I would suspect so since they offer a separate warranty package for business users.

They don't advertise these warranties very well on their site so is difficult to get info on them.

It would be better if once registering your SP3 against your account and then go to purchase support, if it then asks you if you are business or consumer. It only mentions the one plan (Complete) and nothing about the different business cover.
My buddy bought 5 i7's through his business, and Complete on all of them. He cracked the screen after only a week, and there was no mention at all of business use or whatever from the replacement rep.
As for as I'm concerned is the question, did you purchase your Surface for business?. I didn't, but I take it to work every day now, as is common and was pointed out by another post. If I drop my computer at work and break it, I will go to the Microsoft store and get a brand new one for $50 with no questions asked.
It appears to provide a 3 year warranty but does not state the cost. Does anyone know ho much it is?
Without the accidental breakage insurance
It appears to provide a 3 year warranty but does not state the cost. Does anyone know ho much it is?

Without the accidental breakage insurance it is around £89 inc VAT. I think with the insurance it is over £200 but not sure on exact figure.

Chances are I guess depending on which support rep you get then it may not be a problem all I know is it specifically says in the t&c for Complete that business use is excluded. So there is a chance they will stick to the letter of it and refuse service you have paid for.

Just something to watch out for that there is this separate coverage if you are buying for business don't go head first into buying Complete as there's a chance you might get refused accidental damage coverage.