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Make sure you verify your warranty date


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I purchased a Microsoft Complete warranty for my SP3 after my power supply stopped working after only 6 weeks. I travel a lot for work and am becoming quite dependent on this amazing device so I broke tradition and added an extended service plan through Microsoft. I realize that extended warranties and service plans are not for everyone but this thread isn't about that so....

I had made my purchase at a Microsoft retail location just a couple of days before the 45 day time limit for adding the plan after my purchase. From a link on this forum, I found the Surface service center and while poking around on that site found a place where you can check your warranty status. Much to my surprise, some three weeks after I had purchased the plan, my warranty was not showing as associated with my device.

After a few failed attempts to rectify this via online chat (Microsoft online tech support seems very fragmented in that there are different chats for different purchase situations.... very frustrating.), I finally ended calling the customer service number on the receipt from my purchase. They couldn't find any record of my purchase (despite having a receipt with a valid order number and my SP3 serial number clearly linked to the purchase on the receipt. They requested that I send them a copy of the receipt so that they could escalate the issue. Within a few hours I received an email stating that it had been added successfully, apologizing for the issue and thanking me for my purchase. All in all not a bad service experience but just a caution to anyone that may have added the plan after the fact. Make sure you verify that it is associated with your device. You wouldn't want to have any surprises at a later point if you actually needed to make an extended warranty claim.

You can check your warranty status with your Microsoft account here:


Or here:


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Thank you! I just checked, and my SP3 is there, expiration date 02/2017. However, my band is not. Should I be worried?


can not find my serial number. There is nothing but Surface stamped on the back.Nonumbers etc....


I do have it.

My Surface Pro 3 just froze. I did a forced off by holding the on/off switch down, it went black ,and now I can't get it to come back on. I was in advanced start up looking, and clicked on "go to windows 8.1" and that is when it froze. Ideas on how to get going again will be greatly appreciated.


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Serial numbers are on the back under the kickstand right below the word Surface.
You might need a magnifying glass and a light to see it. :)