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IMAP Issues with Office 2013


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I tried to do a search but it came up with nothing but sorry if it has been talked about already. With in the last 2 weeks I am having all kinds of issues with my IMAP employer account with is hosted on Gmail servers. Recently with my office 2013 outlook it started to give me fits. Basically it is constantly syncing or the files all empty out of nowhere. I have tried to delete the account and put it back, do a new profile but nothing works long term. The profile originally worked but about an hour after everything synced the same thing happened. I have tried new profiles a bunch of ways down to just the IMAP account. MS support forums seem to have a lot of people mentioning this issue going back months. No fixes on there yet. The weird thing is I have been using this for well over a month but it just start screwing up the past 2 weeks. is anyone else going through this and any fix work for you. All my other emails - 2 exchange, outlook.com all work with no issues. Rt now I had to delete the account and use it throught the company portal- what a pain that is? Any help would be apprec...:D
Just want to share with you that I'm using IMAP with my provider, Brinkster with no issues ar all. Outlook 2013, Windows Phone 8 Mail, and Surface RT Mail app.
Trust me I tried it all. I think I am going to try to reinstall OL2013 this weekend.... And I forgot to mention I have this issue on my desktop, same set up.
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