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Very different from an Apple launch. It's buzzing. All the employees are very excited. Got a raffle for an xbox. A wristband for 1 year of Xbox Music.

Really excited!


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NICE!!! Mine delivery says is at my local FEDEX facility. Hoping my wife will stay home today and wait for it.


God how I wish I was you. I mean, I've had mine ordered since October 16th, and It's not going to be delivered today.

Also, 1 Year free xbox music? I'll be having words with Microsoft about this, I think all the people who pre-ordered and aren't getting theirs delivered today, also deserves this.

But hey, when you get your hands on the surface let us know about the build quality etc... Reviews seem to be mixed about everything online...


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Looks a lot more like business professionals than hipsters in line if I can be stereotypical for a moment. :smile:


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It couldn't have gone smoother.

The crowd was heavily weighted on the side of system engineers :)

Once inside, I was taken to a side table and explained the options and the insurance.
The insurance was a great deal! $99 for two years, $50 replacement cost if anything happens. Drops and water damage included!

I was shown the new Windows 8 laptops where the part time sales people were very knowledgeable.

Oh, and they had Starbucks and bagels and tons of energy bars.

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