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Increase performance of Surface RT

Hey all,

Just noticed this was posted over on microsofts forum for the surface rt.

Surface RT performance options-How to Speed Things Up Considerably - Microsoft Community

I gave it a try (even though I wasn't complaining about any lack in speed) and wow, it seemed to make the system as a whole that much snappier. Especially bezel swiping between previous open applications. I haven't noticed any drawbacks yet.

Not sure if this was already noted in a previous thread, so sorry if it is yesterdays news.



yep this helps just make it "seem" faster, you help cut out any of those animations out, and there is some speed performance gained by turning off certain options in there also


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If you look at the settings that are being changed, most are legacy desktop graphical features , like shadows behind the desktop icon names, shadows behind windows, showing content during drag and drop, etc. Not necessary and eliminating will improve performance. Just depends on your personal preference.


What exactly does, "relatively little loss of appearance" mean?

Just means that even though it removes drop shadows and transitions etc, that overall everything will still look good. For Windows RT I think it works fine because most of what's being disabled is at the desktop level, we spend more time in Metro so it's not as noticeable. One selection I would keep also is "Show translucent selection rectangle" so that when you move a Window on the desktop you can still see that you're moving it.


Ok, another you may want is "Animate controls and elements inside Windows" in order to get those Live Tile transitions.


Me neither, I was just messing with it to see if there was actually any performance gains, I don't see any significant differences. I've put mine back since.
I havent noticed a major increase in speed but I think I will keep it set at max performance or at least uncheck the effects I dont care for like animations and fades. As Rick mentioned above I havent noticed any major slowness to the RT but at times it does jitter a bit. My previous 64GB surface (tearing touch cover issue, they made me return them as a pair) seemed a little slower and this newest one is quite nice to use, although for some reason Great Big War game wont load for me tonight even though it did this morning. I am going to reinstall it, hopefully fixing the issue.