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Increased battery drain after Nov. update


Is anyone else noticing increased battery drain while the computer is asleep? After I did the big November update and the November firmware update, I've noticed that the battery drains very quickly even while in sleep mode. I'm talking from 100% to less than 50% battery life overnight. This is with wi-fi connection off while in sleep mode. As far as I can tell, I have no significant background apps running. Certainly nothing new compared to before the update. Prior to the update, battery drain was still a bit high but certainly nothing like what I have now (before, overnight it would drain to perhaps 85% as long as I have wi-fi connectivity off).


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You can do a sleep study on your Book. It will tell you what is consuming the power. Usually it is a legacy app or piece of hardware that doesn't like to go to sleep. You turn it off and you have fixed your issue. One other thing you can do is click "shift" while you are clicking shutdown. This will turn off hybrid sleep at the price of a little longer startup time next time you start your Book.


Well, did the sleep study, seems it is the intel 520 GPU and CPU C0 time that is the major drain on batteries. Very odd, seems the graphics driver is still very buggy and draining the batteries even when the computer is supposed to be asleep?

Wow, MS sure did a bang-up job releasing this computer.


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Unfortunately I noticed the same. To the point I cannot wake it up from sleep
as the battery is completely dead :(
Also the Book is quite hot when I pull it from my bag. Seems something is running all the time.
Pretty disappointing.


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I find that I have no more than 2 hours of battery time with the clipboard. Less scientific, but on those couple of occasions of using SB without power, I probably got no more than 5 hours. This is with wifi and bluetooth on but only using Office 2016 and internet - but no streaming. I hope MSFT focuses on this as this battery performance does not measure up to the claims at the Oct 6 introduction.
Battery life has been pretty abysmal on my SB as well. I have another week and a half to decide if I want to keep this computer. I'm already on my first replacement and I am afraid to try another replacement because I barely have any of the other issues reported now. I love the concept and hardware, but that battery life is no where near what was advertised.


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if you set it to hibernate, it virtually stops using any power after hibernate kicks in. When in sleep lose approx 4-5% per hour. Setting it to hibernate after 30 min you might lose 2% overnight. the only drawback is it has to reboot, which takes about 15 seconds, and all your apps are where you left them