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Incredibly slow SSD performance


I have a problem here. When I save a file to the SSD (even a small file, like a Word document), it can take 10 seconds! The program I'm saving in, locks up, and only works again when the save is done. And a few times today I saved files in one of my special work programs (around the same size as a Word document) and opened in another for further work, and it opened up the previous version of the file, so not half saved of the new one or anything, it was the full on old version! I had to wait for ten seconds and then re-open the file to get the correct version. Any idea what's happening here? I had the write buffer activated, but turned it off to test. That didn't seem to change anything. I have seen similar on my previous Surface 5 i5 256 SSD, but I didn't expect it on the 6 with i7 and 512 GB SSD.

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