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Insider Builds Help Surface Book?


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Is there any benefit from joining the Insider Builds under Windows Update with regards to the driver issues many of us are having with the Surface Book? Sincerely loving my hardware, but there are a couple of driver issues that I would like to get fixes for asap.

Deryl McCarty

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I took the risk this AM and installed 565...the difference perhaps is not the build number but rather the branch. TH2 has been a better bet for me on both a laptop and SP3 testing machines. The printer drivers this AM got immeasurable better with 565 and the constant background 30% CPU use went to a more normal 6-10% in quiet use. I know, putting a test build on a first generation piece of hardware on day one of its release is probably stupid , but it worked*. Am happier and happier with this new machine with each passing moment. Then again I have not have any issues that were not occasional issues on my SP3 and the preview builds - no blinking screens, no color changes, etc. But I think I pushed the power button while in draw mode (reverse mounted on the KB) so I did get one unintended shutdown.

*old military saying: trying something new in combat is stupid. But if it works it is not stupid.


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Is there a way to force an update for the Insider builds? I put my Surface Book on the fast ring last night and still nothing. :(


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The short of it is, I don't think so. I had to wait for a day for my Book to join the Fast ring and then for the new build to come available. Maybe someone here knows more than I do.


After installing TH2 I am much happier.

As a previous post said the trackpad improvement is 100 percent. It's fast, accurate, pinch to zoom works all the time, not part of the time.

Seems faster over all especially on domain login.