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Installation medium (DVD) included?


Hi there!
I guess I've read here that the SP2 comes with a recovery partition, such as most modern devices.
I've also read, that the SP2 image is free of bloatware, so there should be no reason to use a different medium for a clean installation.

However, I'm wondering if Microsoft allows/enables one to do so?
Is there an installation medium (DVD) included? Or at least a key for a downloadable image?

Just wondering. Nomally I like being in charge of my harddisc utilisation and don't want to waste space for a recovery partition which I never use.

There is no DVD included. You can run a utility to transfer the recovery partition to a USB drive however.
I saved my recovery to a USB Flash Drive. I'm wondering if I can recover from a Flash Drive. I couldn't see using a terebyte hard disk for a recovery drive. That's about the smallest you can get these days.
You can recover from USB drives. If I recall, you put the drive in with the tablet turned off and then hold down the volume - button while pressing the power button. It will boot to the USB.