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Installing & using external devices on Surface 2


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I'm thinking about purchasing a Surface 2. My husband, a keen photographer, would like to use the tablet to transfer his large photo files (taken with a Nikon camera) to an external hard drive. Both of these devices need to be installed on the tablet and I'm wondering if that is easy/feasible, as I read that the operating system doesn't allow for installation of all softwares.

Has anyone had a similar experience? What if a specific driver is not available on the Surface 2 to correctly install these kinds of devices?

Thank you for your help.


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External hard drives don't need to be installed, it is done automatically by the hard drives, the ONLY things that can't be installed is EXE. files, things like printers that are installed by exe files are sometimes tricky to install because not all have the current drivers for the Surface 2. But most install with no problems. Now what he might have trouble installing is the drivers for his camera if he wants to connect his Nikon to the Surface and transfer via the Nikon app. Its definitely there's no drivers exist for the Surface 2/RT but that can be solved by buying the Surface PRO 1/2 which is a full tablet/computer and can install anything like a computer. Hope that helps and good luck