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Surface 2 Kickstand Seems Loose

Hayes Cooper19

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Hey folks. New guy here. Had a Surface RT for a while (which I upgraded to Surface 2) and loved them both, but I've noticed something that troubles me about my surface 2 kickstand. It seems, when the kickstand is closed, that it doesn't lie flush with the rest of the tablet. Parts of it do, but there's a significant portion in the middle that doesn't. I say it's "loose", because when I push down on it there is a significant amount of give, and then it's flush. I have attempted to upload a couple of photos showing you what I mean, where in the right side of the photo you can see how the kickstand is elevated, whereas in the left hand side it's flush.. I realize it might seem kind of nitpicky, but I'm rather OCD about my tech. I guess I just figure, when you pay as much as we do for these devices, we shouldn't have to settle.

Anywho, is there some kind of fix for this, is it something I should get in touch with microsoft about (as I've only had my surface 2 a couple of months), or is it just something I'm going to have to learn to deal with? Thanks



It's a quality control issue at Microsoft.

I have had 4 Surface Pro 2's with the same issue. I had my first one replaced at my local store when it was within 30 days. Then I had 2 advanced exchanges that were sent to me which had a buldge in the center of the kickstand instead of being flush. I sent those back and tried to get a warranty exchange at my local store and that one also had a buldge. I finally got one exchanged at another store that is perfectly flush. The last exchange was because of a dead pixel that showed up only in Metro Internet Explorer and my MicroSD card kept disconnecting. I didn't try to exchange it just because of the kickstand.

I went to the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Fry's, and Staples to see if their demo units had a flush kickstand and about half of the demo units were not flush.

If you look behind the kickstand, there is some black tape and you should see an air pocket in the tape if your kickstand is not flush. If you press down on the tape to remove the air pocket, your kickstand will be flush until the tape lets go again. I think if you remove the kickstand and press down on the tape for a while before putting back on the device, it might fix the issue. I don't want to void my warranty be removing the kickstand so I haven't tried this yet to confirm the fix.


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Wow microsoft should really get their ''things'' together.
When my surface got replaced, they sent a special surface, one they
had inspected that wasn't broken. How is it that you had 4 broken ones?