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Has anyone had experience with the site "instante.upgraderjudge.eu...lots of additional stuff in the address"? On my Surface 2 a page with that address came up on my screen with a message saying updates are needed "for this webpage." It locked up the browser. Even after restarting the Surface that page was still up. If I go to the desktop and start IE from there everything works normally. If I use Task Manager to end both browsers and start again the browser from the desktop is okay but the browser from the Metro screen still has the hijacked page.

I finally saved the update file without running it. I tried to find the file in File Explorer, but there are now nearly 2,400 hundred files and folders which have been modified today. That seems like a ridiculous number for the short time I was using the device.

Everything seems to be working fine. However, I would like to know if anyone has any info about this. We are about to take the device on an out-of-country trip for the first time and need it to be reliable.


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The message in that page says that the software is compatible with Windows NT and that means that it will not run in Windows RT.